MADE IN THE 216 [recap]

This past weekend was the Made in the 216 event at the Dredgers Union. And it was FUN! Not only was it entertaining with the circus theme (you can see all pictures with clown noses here), but there were so many awesome goods available for purchase – jewelry, furniture, candles, tees, stationery, prints, lighting AND MORE – all made right here in the 216 (Northeast Ohio)!

I’m so grateful to have had Thirsty included amongst the bunch. I was so excited, I made it a weekend affair! Friday was the opening party and before it started I popped in early to check it out with a good friend, Cathy Hunt. Later that evening, I was joined by some family and also met up with Piper of One Sydney Road (photographic evidence below), Saturday, my design twin + friend since the late 90s, Noelle of Endash Creative, joined us and Sunday more family. Overall, a pretty good time and a great success.

Tomorrow or Friday, I will post what I purchased from the event. Stay tuned…

For now, check out some shots of the space, some new Thirsty product, which will be in the shop soon, and a little more.

If you went, what were your favorite items? Anything from Thirsty that you love?

— Maria

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  1. Thirsty says:

    I wanted to add…and THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who came out and supported Thirsty! Hope you enjoy your goods.

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